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I'm so glad you came to visit!  As you can see, I'm still just getting this site off the ground, so please continue to check back frequently to see what's new!

You'll find some interesting things - interesting if you sew and want directions to a project, explanations of sewing terminology, classes and other information -  or want to buy a purse or other accessory.  

NEW!  In the "MAP" Section, you will find an explanation of terms used in sewing. n my "Services Offered" section, you will find free directions to make a neat 15-minute Pillow Cover - and now a Tote Bag!  As I was editing my new Tote Bag section, I really messed up, so you might have to scroll down to see it - and you'll notice the spacing is off here and there.  On both of these issues, I'll have to wait till my brilliant son comes over to help fix it.  

You may have come to visit after attending one of my classes at Jo-Ann's (my current teaching schedule is included in "News".)  If so, feel free to browse around - send me an email with any suggestions as to contentor reminders of tidbits of info from class.  Let me know  what you'd like to see!

Also, if any of you  need creative new  ideas for raising money for your group, please visit my other website.  You can get fundraising information and  purchase books and cookbooks.  Here's a link to my FUNdraising Ideas 101: Just click on:  

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