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Connie Williams 

I love to sew and sew and sew!  I've done so since my mom ltaught me how to make doll clothes with her scraps of fabric.  As I've mentioned, I nearly failed junior high Sewing because at the time, I thought there was only one way to hem a garment.  Since then, I've found many ways to do most everything that's sewn.  I'm grateful for the many wonderful people who've taught me a different/better/more efficient way to do anything.

Over the years, I've made nearly everything at one time or another that could be constructed, worn and/or used.  If it's made of fabric, any fabric, I've probably made something from it at one time or another.  Beginning with learning to better make clothing and accessories (hats, purses and other wearables) for myself and other adults, I went on to children's clothing, bedding and accessories, plus doll clothes,  then to costumes (for my kids and for the legitimate stage,) increasing my abilities to fine women's tailoring and alterations, and added draperies, upholstery, slip covers and home decor and quilting to my reportoire, and finally teaching this wonderful skill to others.  

For several years I had 14 to 16 ladies who came to the workshop every Wednesday.  We'd sew, crochet, knit, embroider, do crafts (and visit, of course) making items to sell at our church craft sale.  I was able to teach women who didn't know how to perform a skill they wanted to learn.  We made lots of money, and we had lots of fun doing it.   I miss it, so I'll be teaching here once again, with classes beginning after the holidays.   

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